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The William Travis Group, Inc. is a disaster recovery/business continuity consulting firm, located in Schaumburg, IL. We have been in business over 25 years. We are a small company that is highly respected in both our own industry and among our many fortune 500 clients.

WTG works with the nuances of your business in order to get to the right issues. Being vendor-independent grants us the freedom to design best-of-breed solutions to address your issues and, more importantly, the motivation to ensure that they work. Our solutions fully leverage your existing capabilities and we craft custom them to fit your business’ unique requirements.

Using this approach, we have saved our clients tens of millions of dollars in direct recovery planning costs while enhancing their recoverability as well as their production availability and continuity.

Organizations that want the best value for their recovery dollar look for business continuity solutions that will provide long term value and grow with their business—and they know that WTG has the experience to deliver that value to their continuity program.

The William Travis Group


The founder of WTG created the first formal recovery planning methodology which is still the basis for today’s best industry practices. With 25 years of experience working on some of the industry’s largest projects, WTG offers the industry’s most robust and rigorous techniques and intellectual property. Our NextGen 360° Advanced Business Continuity™ and NextGen All-Risk Incident Management™ methodologies ensure the best return on investment, the least ongoing maintenance overhead and the most intuitive usability at time of disaster.

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WTG offers a unique focus on multi-tiered, multipurpose recovery architectures and on establishing disaster recovery capabilities as an inherent part of continuous business operations. We believe that it is no …

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The only 25+ year uninterrupted line management, vision, continuous improvement and hands-on consulting in the industry The only NextGen methodology specifically designed for the complexities of the open system world …